Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Posted PCB release v0.1.3

This morning I posted up the v0.1.3 release of the Arduino Alternator Regulator files.  Look through the resource tabs above, I posted:

  • PDF file of the scheamtics
  • .ZIP file with PCB GBR files.
  • .xls with BOM
  • KiCAD  CAD files for Scheamtic and PCB
  • Updated custom  libs, mods, etc files used in support of KiCAD.

This release is what we are going to send off to the fab house to have 10x assembled regulator units completed.  Mostly it was scrubbing and commenting the parts list, but I also:
  • Added self resetting fuses to the NTC ports.
  • Revised Service Port pinout to match 6-pin USB <--> TTL addapter from EBay. (No more modes needed)

I will be sending this package off later today to the FAB house asking for a firm quote, then on to assemble!

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