Monday, April 7, 2014

Posted release v0.1.2

Tonight I posted the files (Schematic, PCB GBR files, BOM) in the respective resource tabs above.  This version has had several changes from V0.1.1 - mainly:
  • Changed FET Charge Pump from soft-floor to hard-floor design.
  • Scrubbed reset ckt - RN-41 has built-in pull up, this messed with time-constants of C19
  • Scrubbed all the protection diodes, removed Zeners.
  • Added PTC fusing for the NTC temp probes, to better survive accidental shorting to battery.
  • Change Amp Shunt pre-scaling chip to INA-282.  This will not support BOTH high or low shunts, and it will also allow measurement of + or - amps.

Here is the current schematic in picture form, a readable .pdf is under the Schematic tab above:

And here is a 3D CAD drawing of the board:

This design is being sent off the to see what quote they will come back with in regards to the PCB and assembly.  I am looking forward to not having to hand-solder the small parts and hope they come back with a reasonable amount.   If you are interested, send me a note.  We have about 6 boards 'in the queue' now, and I think they can do more w/o any issues :-)

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