Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Short run of Arduino Alternator Regulators underway

I received an Email from someone today that made me realize I have not updated the Blog with what is going on right now..  Sorry, guess I have been too busy Email back and forth with a small group of about 10 people, so for anyone else, this is what is cooking:

  1. About a month ago I posted onto several Email lists about this regulator, and asked if perhaps there was some interest in getting together a group build.
  2. There was.
  3. Right now, 20x sets of Rev  0.1.3 PCBs have been fabed and are having the SMT parts mounted.
  4. 10x of those PCBs will continue to have all the through-hole parts soldered in.
  5. All are being done in China ( so no more hand-soldering for me!

I expect to received the assembled (and partially assembled) boards in a couple of weeks.  At which time I will flash in the firmware, spray them with conformal coating, and send them off to the group of folks.  Along with USB programming adapters, mounting hardware, and a heat-sink.  People will need to drill out the heat-sink, bolt it together, source their own Amp Shunt and Temp probes and do the installs.  But hey, we got a thing going!

And if anyone is interested in one of the partly assembled PCBs, drop me a note.  The bare PCB costs around $9, plus about $7 for the small SMT parts that are getting professionally re-flow soldered on.  Finished cost (after purchasing the remaining parts at say Mouser) will add perhaps another $60 or so, but you will have to hand solder those parts..  Then around another $20 for the heat-sink, screws, USB cable, etc..

OK, there is an update of the one or two readers of this blog :-)

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