Monday, May 12, 2014

1st photos of assembled PCBs from China

This morning I awoke to a cloudy (I can never think of that word without hearing the NOAA computer voice pronunciation in my head "Claudiieeeee") skies and a few high resolution Emails of a sample PCB set that has been assembled in China!

What excitement, and then what - to be honest - disappointment...  It appears these hand-soldering of small runs in China is kind of a new thing, and this one is off to a very poor start.  Here is a lower resolution copy of one of the photos:

Back in my Seko-Epson days, we would call this NG.  How many examples of problems can you find?

A quick review if it showed to me soo many problems:
  • Missing components
  • One component installed backwards
  • workman ship issue with connectors on right hand side (not assembled together before soldering)
  • (The missing Bluetooth was agreed to, there was some issue importing RN41 modules into China..)
Most troubling was to very very poor quality of through hole soldering.  Insufficient quantity, insufficient heat.  Some solder flash and potential shorts.  Total unacceptable.

I am really disappointed at this.  Have asked them to review and rework all PCBs, but this should not have been done in the 1st place.  Will see what they come back with. . . . .

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