Saturday, February 24, 2018

Source code v1.2.1 released

...  along with updated documentation.   This release is primarily ‘polishing’ – it contains a number of small fixes and improvements based on feedback from the field.  Most notable around how the regulator works when the current shunt is not connected, as well as improvements in how Equalize mode is both processed and some improvements to the default CPE tables.

Two changes of note:

CPE #5 (previously RESERVED) has been populated with charge parameters according to the manufacture of the Firefly `Oasis’  battery.  As with almost all other manufactures, Firefly Energy calls for monitoring of acceptance current as the appropriate way to recharge their batteries.

Another rather subtle, but perhaps notable, change is the renaming of the Regulator from “Alternator Regulator” to “VSR Alternator Regulator”.  This is in preparation for shifting of the products to a newly formed company VSR Systems, llc   Not to worry, this is still the same regulator, still open sourced, still all the good stuff.  Just time to grow up a little and get a bit more formal.  The regulator will become part of a family of products hopefully to be released over the next year or so, include the VSR DC Generator Controller, the VSR Port Expander / Battery Monitor, and perhaps even the VSR MPPT controller.   Combined with the work folks are doing around displays and applications – 2018 could be a very exciting year.

The documentation has also been refreshed.  A bit of cleanup, and a rather large edit around the CAN (Control Area Network) capabilities as well as how to use it.  Including some hints on NEMA2000 integration.

Many of the changes in v1.2.1 were the direct result of feedback.  I thank all who are helping improve this project and look forward to more to come!

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