Monday, February 19, 2018

News concerning the Alternator Regulator

5 years ago I split out the regulator portion from the DC Generator Controller and created this stand alone Alternator Regulator.   Sense then a few hundred have been send out, blank boards as well as fully assembled.  With the introduction of the 3rd Generation regulator I began to provide fully assembled units on a more consistent basis and interest has grown.  In fact, it has kind of caught me off-guard as the 2nd batch of 50x regulators are all but gone.  I have 5 units still here (If I scrounge).

It is time to do another build - with some improvements:  The layout will be modified to allow fitting into a Hammond “B” size project box.  Nice little plastic enclosures will provide a bit of dress up, protection, as well as a good way to mount the regulator.  If you still need a waterproof enclosure, those gray plastic electrical boxes are always an option.  Here is a 3D rendering of the new layout:

3D Rendering of Gen 3B regulator.
It will be known as Gen 3B (B, for BOX)

I am also going to simplify the manufacturing, ordering,  and shipping processes.  No more hand soldering connectors for me!  Over the next couple of months an ‘Order’ button will appear allowing folks to place an order directly  (though I am still here for Email).  I also will be using a land-based shipping service.  These changes will streamline ordering and delivery during the Spring / Summer / Fall when we are out cruising.  Plus it will free up my time to allow for continued development of other projects.  (It is amazing how much time it takes to box and ship these things)

And look for a ‘Brand’ name announcement soon.  With the increased interest is perhaps time to be a bit more professional. 

New layout, simplified manufacturing, and a more consistent ordering and shipping procedure.  All good changes I hope.  Sadly they also comes cost  (Fees, TAXes, supplies).  The new Gen 3B regulators will be available fully assembled for $125 each.  Included will be two temperature probes and support for 12v to 24v ‘batteries’.   (Higher voltages up to 48v available as an option).  In addition to being sized for a case, the 12/24v configuration will feature improved accuracy in the current shunt, and the FET drivers have been beefed up.  I am also looking into what will be involved to have some of the boxed pre-machined with cutouts.  And I am busy working on several other companion projects, more details as they get closer to being ready.

Now this has been planned this for some time – was looking at the Fall.  But the interest in the regulator has caught me off guard.  I am not expecting the next batch of regulators to be available until sometime in late April / early May.  As a small compensation for this inconvenience I am going to offer a special pre-paid price of $100 for the Gen 3B regulators.  This price will be valid until the regulators ship.  I also have a few of the current regulators left to send out  (Still $80 ea), and  there is a Floating Stash of 4 or so in the SW Pacific.  Contact me if you are interested in any of these.

I thank everyone who has supported this project.  It started out because I had a need, and thought I would share the solution with others.  The interest and feedback from folks has been great and I am looking forward for more to come.  

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