Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Config Tool!

Back in 2013 (yikes! - 5 years ago!!) when this project was conceived, there was the intention of a nice configuration / monitoring tool running on your PC, table, phone, refrigerator, etc.. that would simply advanced configuration of the Alternator Regulator.

Point and Click and be done!

The whole ASCII status / command set was developed to support communications between the regulator and this application, just happens that people can (with enough work) use the same API.  But it was primary intended for machine-to-machine communications, not machine-to-human.

That application was never developed, which made it fortunate that people could use the ASCII strings.

Well, flash forward a few years and Sailor Rick has taken up the task of an app!  Today he published the 1st Beta version, and you can download it here:

TO say I am tickled is an understatement.   As much capability as the Alternator Regulator has I have always felt a well designed application could bring as much, or more, value to this overall project.

Take a look, see what you think, pitch in!  This is just a start.
Thank you Rick!


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