Thursday, March 8, 2018

An App!

When the VSR Alternator Regulator was 1st created it was envisioned that much of the users interaction -- configuring, monitoring, diag -- would be handled via an application running on your phone / tablet / PC.  The resulting ASCII status and command strings were intended to provide platform independent communications to that app -- more so, that ASCII communications was never intended for humans to futz with. 

But the app never got developed, and it was kind of lucky that the ASCII strings were human readable.  This background may help explain why they are not all that user friendly.

Skipping forward, Rick Bell has been working on an Applications and posted his works at Back Stage Sailing.  Here is a link to the application in its Beta form:

And a users forum:

 I am so happy to see an app being worked on, as it opens up so many possibilities to simplify advanced installations, from single users to professional installers.   Few folks will master the ASCII command set, but with a good app they will not need to!

Have a look, download the Beta and give Rick some feedback.  And keep your eye out, there is more to come in this area of communications over the coming year...

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