Sunday, March 11, 2018

All spoken for...

All the Generation 3 regulators are spoken for, and I am now out of stock until the revised PCB Layout Generation 3B ones come in.

It has been amaizing the interest in this project over the past year, and few months, and I look forward to continued development and support going forward.  Thank you to all to date.

I am at this moment proofing out the 1st article of the relayed out 3B regulator, and expect to be placing a bulk order perhaps as soon as late next week.  Then give 4-6 weeks for them to be assembled, a week or to for testing/flashing/confirmation coating and I should be able to start sending them out the end of April / 1st part of May.   Until then take note of the special pre-order pricing of $100, folks are already starting to stick their name on these regulators - and I will work to get then out as soon as I can!

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