Thursday, May 23, 2013

Posted draft Stand Alone Alternator Regulator Schematics

This morning I placed the draft schematics for the stand-alone (alternator only) version of this project to the Schematics tab above (click on the Stand Alone Regulator' folder.

This regulator will be based on the controller project and share a lot of the code, but will not include any of the Engine control functions.  Key features of this stand-alone regulator are:

  • Active management of Alternator for both Volts and Amps (Watts)
  • Ability to use Amps as a way to judge when a battery is fully charged, as opposed to pre-defined time value (this is the key feature)
  • Paralleling ability for coordination between two regulators in a twin-engine setup (ala, marine use)
  • DIP switches to be used to select a series of pre-configured charging profiles.
  • Fully support of P or N type alternators from 12v to 48v

It also includes a Bluetooth module, for future communication to computers, phones, etc. for status updates as well as finer control of the configuration.

As always, it is fully programmable via a Service connector, and posted in the Public Domain.

One major change I am excited about is the Field driver - I located a self-powered Boost driver (LT1910) that looks like it will allow for a fully configurable P or N type alternator support from 12v to 48v without any hardware changes.  Will be going to FAB in a few weeks, if anyone is interested in this let me know.

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