Sunday, July 29, 2018

Gen 3B regualtors ready to ship!

The new batch is in, tested, flashed, and almost ready to ship!  All per-ordered units will be sent out the week of July 29th - once I get them confirmal coated.

Thank you all to those who waited SO long for this next batch; for follow on orders will be taking steps to try to reduce any potential delays.  And with the 3B regulators now available to ship the special per-order pricing will come to an end on August 10th.  In case anyone is interested. . .

Over the next month be looking for that simple 2" Dash Display to become available, as well as a per-machined plastic case for the 3B regulators design.  Plus (I hope) even more news this winter.  Already hear of a larger display in the works, and of course the App being worked on by Rick Bell (See link on hope page of this Blog).  2018 looks to be a good year for the VSR Alternator Regulator, with a lot happening around it.   2019 should be even better! 

And a Thank You to all who have contributed and support this effort over the years - 6 year now  (8 if I go back to the parent DC Generator Controller effort where this all started).    And an interesting thought: using David A. Wheeler's 'SLOCCount' tool the VSR Alternator Regulator represents over 18,000 lines of C/C++ code, 4+ Man-years of development effort with a development cost exceeding $500,000  -- proving you could find programmers for $50K a year.  And that is just the software side!

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