Sunday, December 3, 2017

New batch of Fully Assembled Regulators are in!

The next batch of regulators have arrived and are ready to be sent out to anyone wishing one.

Same price, same shipping.   Oh, and also I have a bunch of the 10K NTC temperature sensors.   Nothing special, same thing you can get on Amazon or Ebay.  I just picked up a batch of 100x.   They are 3' (1m) long and have the JST plug already crimped on.   Passing them on @ $1 each if interested.


  1. Wow, what an amazing project! I found it while looking for an Arduino-based tachometer that would get input from the P-lead on an alternator. That's really all I'm looking for at this moment - not a finished product, just the circuit used to convert the output from the P-lead into a signal that can be counted by the Arduino. (I have a Balmar alternator with a very capable MC612 regulator.)

    Without spending a lot of time investigating your project in detail, can you tell me if that information (converting P-lead output to Arduino input) is available somewhere on your project? Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks has been a fun project. P-lead (Stator), yes,I do sample it to get a read of the alternators RPM. The current design uses a sensitive zero crossing chip, that seems to work in the lab but I have not had very positive feedback from the field that it is any better than the old simple ckt I used.

      U-5 (NCV1124) is the present chip I am using - see the regulators schematic. I would say the simpler signal conditioning ckt I used in the 3.0 design seemed to work just as well, and was lower cost. Software, look for the functions "void stator_IRQ()" and "void calculate_RPMs()" in the source file Alternator.cpp

      Though this approach is working, I do feel there is room for improvement, perhaps in the hardware - but more so the software. Current solution is a little sensitive to noise and that reflects in what appears to be unstable RPMs. However, it is working for my needs at present. Just would like to make it a bit better some time.

      Hope this helps, and if you make any great discovers and want to share - please drop me a note!


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