Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Release of Source Code v0.1.5


Today I posted source version 0.1.5 for the Arduino Alternator Regulator.  See the file under the Source resource tab at the top.  There are really two major changes with this source:

1) It targets Arduino IDE 1.6.0 - now the 'official' released IDE from
2) It has refined PID tuning based on users feedback as well as testing on Viking Star.

See the prior post for some more details about the new Arduino IDE, along with needed support files to enable the 3.3v bootloader.   I also needed to make some small syntax changes in the source to reflect subtle changes to the Arduino IDE around PROGMEM.  Going forward future released will be tested with the mainstream 1.6.0 and after release of the Arduino IDE code.

PID tuning.  The past weeks I have had a chance to try different combinations of PID tuning on Viking Star, mainly using our DC generator (Which shares a common source base in the manage_alt() function).  That, combined with feedback I have received from a few uses (THANK YOU so much!) I have what I believe is 'better but not final' PID values.  They are a bit less twitchy when deployed in a system that has a larger alternator vs. battery size - like many AGM batteries, or perhaps LiFeP04 systems.  I do not believe these are the final values, and in fact I am still only using the P&D values, the new I is disabled.  But I do believe they are better, and am looking forward to gaining feedback on them form others.

The PID tuning is perhaps the greatest challenge facing this project today.  Most all other functions are rather stable.  But as more experience is gained with different combinations of alternators and batteries, I can expect there will be additional insights.  Ideally we can find a common set of PID values what works well in all cases, but in the end it may be that some type of sampling / real-time adjustment will be needed.   But that is down the road even more.

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