Friday, June 13, 2014

The Boards are here, the Boards are here!

After Oh So Many back-n-forths with China concerning to soldering quality and workmanship issues around the hand-soldered through hole components, a well taped DHL box arrived at our doorstep this afternoon!

I have not looked closely yet at the individual PCBs, but will start doing so this afternoon.  Then will bring one unit up, flashing its boot-loader and firmware.  Finally will need to solder on the Bluetooth module and can send them out to those who are participating in the Group Buy.

You might notice there is also a kind of blank PCB.  I had 10x extra units built up with just the small SMT parts on them.  Down the road if anyone wants one of these, they can get a head start and just worry about the through-hold parts (well, plus the RN-41 module of they want it..)

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