Sunday, March 16, 2014

PCB v0.1.1 Errata

I have completed my initial hardware debugging of v0.1.1, as  reminder - key changes were:
  • Moved from switching 5V / lin 3.3v regulator to cascaded linear regulators (Zenor pre-regulator, and 3.3 LDO for final stage).
  • Update Bluetooth module to FCC certified one.
  • Updated FET Driver to allow full support of 48v batteries.  (specifically, equalizing).
In debugging the last version of the hardware, I have found the following errata:

Click image for larger view

 I still have a little more firmware work to clean up, specifically I need to make changes in the Bluetooth code around reassigning the connection name/password, and I also need to look into this whole 3.3v issue with Arduino not supporting the watchdog.

Will be thinking on the next steps, if to render and post a revised PCB set now or hold off until some field testing can be completed...  Any thoughts?

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